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A Safer Retirement™

Decker Retirement Planning Inc. was founded on the idea that successful Retirement Planning could be quantified with a math-based and principle-based approach, not opinions. By establishing a financial practice that was set up to avoid conflicts of interest, we believed we could effectively implement the three principles that govern proper retirement planning and become a pillar of light and clarity to those searching for answers. Our mission is to objectively and mathematically show each person that walks through our doors how they can enjoy the retirement they have been wanting for their entire life. We call this A Safer Retirement™.

All of our planners are purebred fiduciaries, our strategies are proprietary (built with you in mind), and our services are focused on effective income distribution for you. We have two-sided risk models that are designed to make money in up or down markets. The Social Security optimization strategies we developed open the door for more conversations that help you get more out of your retirement. Our Tax Minimization strategies help you avoid the many tax pitfalls that hurt so many in the later years of retirement. Last, but not least, our Safer Distribution Plan offers you incredible clarity and transparency that can help you retire earlier than expected and with more money than expected.

The goal of all introductory visits is to establish realistic expectations in regards to the current financial market environment and to fully understand your unique retirement needs and dreams. From there, we quantify your retirement mathematically and present it in an easy way to understand. We strongly believe that all those who sit down with us will be able to walk away with an elevated sense of clarity and transparency in regards to accomplishing their hopes and dreams in their retirement.